I am Tony Brewer. I have been a gospel preacher for about eight years serving in congregations in North East Arkansas after my graduation from Memphis School of Preaching in 2015. Before that, I filled in and taught Bible class in congregations in North West Tennessee. I have been married for twenty two years to LaBeth Brewer and have two children, Anthony and Abigail. Anthony is eighteen and Abigail is seventeen. I have a passion for preaching and teaching the gospel especially on a personal one on one level.  It is this passion and drive, I feel, will make this next endeavor in my ministry, with God’s help, a success. 

My family and I have moved from the USA and have gone into full time mission work. We are in the Maritimes. This is a geographical area located on the Atlantic coast in Canada in the province of New Brunswick. There are approximately 755,000 people in this area with only one sound congregation of the Lord’s people. 

We have had our heart on this work since 2015. I first met Stephane Maillet in 2015 and found in him a close friend. From then, we put our heads together and decided to host an old fashioned tent meeting, the first of its kind in decades in this area of the world. The tent meeting was held in 2016. My family and I, with three other gospel preachers traveled to work this mission. This was our first time meeting the congregation in person and I fell in love with the people here and with the area. It was clear to me that the Lord’s church was sparsely represented all over Canada and New Brunswick was not an exception. From that time, mission work in Canada, and especially in the Maritimes, became a priority for me. I thank my God often for this opportunity. 

The congregation here is located in Riverview, New Brunswick. This is one third of a tri-city area consisting of Riverview, Moncton, and Dieppe. My family and I,  will be working closely with the Maillet family, who has already been laboring in this area. The Maillets, have been in the area laboring since 2012. In 2018 they moved to the USA for two years so Stephane could be educated at the South East Institute of Biblical Studies in Knoxville. After his graduation in 2020, Stephane moved back to New Brunswick to continue working here in this mission field. 

After the Maillet family here, the church here began to grow spiritually and numerically like never before. For the first time ever, it is evident that a new building is needed and much more effort needs to be given to this province. The people are hungry but with so few laborers.  

That being said, we are in a great need for your help as we have so many plans to continue growing and strengthening the church in an area where it has been so weak and in danger of nonexistence before now. Our family budget for four is approximately 3,500 USD per month. We are also working toward Permanent Residence status so that our children can attend school/obtain careers here. Once we gain our Permanent Residence my wife and I will be able to work as well and our need for personal support will lessen. We should achieve PR status by the end of 2022. 

 It is my prayer that you can support this good and difficult work. We covet your prayers. 

If you would like to support this work, you may send a check to the church building:

Riverview church of Christ 

c/o Tony mission fund

365 Pine Glen Road

Riverview N.B. Canada

E1B 4J8

Sincerely yours,

Tony Brewer