Fellowship and learning

Paul says two very important things to his son in the faith, Timothy. He tells Timothy to commit what he had learned of him to faithful men who are able to teach others also. (2 Timothy 2:2) Then he tells him to study or give diligence to show himself approved unto God. (2 Timothy 2:15) It is interesting that the word translated, men, in verse two of chapter two in 2 Timothy is a word that does not necessitate gender. This means that the commandment to Timothy is to teach the things Paul taught him to faithful people. One of the great things about the Riverview church of Christ is the ladies. These ladies take their Bible study very seriously. They spend so much time in the Word and in fellowship with one another, just like they see in the New Testament! I hope you find encouragement in these ladies who, despite living in a spiritually difficult environment, find the time to fellowship with each other and learn from God’s Word.

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