Something I’ve Never Said

I never thought I would tell someone with whom I was speaking over the phone that I had to end the call and get busy running my errands because the snow was piling up. Today, I did just that. It was interesting seeing that a blanket of snow about 8 inches didn’t slow anyone down. Folk in the tri-city area were going about their business as if the snow were not there. Of course, this is odd for a southern boy from Tennessee/Arkansas to see. I am very glad I did not sell my truck when we were in Toronto.

The winter weather of the Maritimes can be pretty bad. It does put a damper on what we can do as the church. Our plan of action through the winter is to produce gospel content and inundate the area with it. Also, we will focus inward and cultivate the culture of Christian love and family amongst our members here. We will also be able to reach out through digital means to people who have been associated with the congregation in the past who have fallen through the cracks over the years. Once the weather breaks we will be doing much more “boots on ground” activities. We will fill you in on those things as we get closer to the spring.

We are so thankful to our supporters thus far. We are still functioning at a deficit financially. We are short on our support by a large margin. We pray that as you consider good mission works to support that you will look closely at ours. Please keep us in your prayers.

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