It is time to consider something to best help the mission work up here. It is time to consider being a bi-vocational preacher and find a way to build tents. There are some hurdles to jump as we are in Canada on a special religious worker exemption. I have to make an appointment with immigration and pay some money, probably a large sum, to get my work permit. Once I do that I am pretty sure I have a job lined up in a field where I have some experience, retail sales in the construction sector.

This decision has not come without much prayer and careful consideration. I believe it is what is needful and best for the sheep in this flock of God. I read in the book of Ezekiel chapter 34 that the leadership of Israel, called shepherds, were guilty of feeding themselves to the neglect of the flock. Here in the Maritimes there are not allot of assets financially. I will be better able to feed/serve this flock here if I can proverbially built tents while I’m here as opposed to take all of the support we are able to raise just to support the day to day lives of the Brewer household.

The benefits of being bi-vocational are not simply financial. It will put me into the community and make me part of the community building relationship that I would not otherwise be able to do if I were, in the mind of the people, a member of the “clergy.” As Paul said, he became all things to all people so he might win some (1 Corinthians 9:22).

Please keep this work and me in your prayers. Also, as you consider works to support, please consider this one. I am so very excited to get to the work up here to God’s glory.

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  1. Hi Tony,
    I am a member of the Church of Christ in Orlando FL. I started listening to you a few months ago and I am hooked.
    I would like to help to support your work there in Canada, even if it a one time thing. Just lost my job but God will see us through. Please let me know the best method to send my donation.
    Your sister in Christ.

    • Michelle, Thanks so much for your willingness to support the work up here. There are two ways to get a one time amount of support to me. It depends on what is easier for you. 1) PayPal or 2) send a check to the congregation itself. Here is the address Riverview church of Christ c/o Tony mission fund
      365 Pine Glen Road
      Riverview N.B. Canada
      E1B 4J8

      Again Thanks so much.

      Tony Brewer


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