Well, sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men do not work out. I had planned on getting a work permit and beginning work at a retail sales company that is local here to the Maritimes. After meeting with an immigration lawyer I have found out that I can not get that work permit soon. All is not lost, however, as I can apply for Permanent Residency and that can be achieved in between eight months to a year. So, I met with said lawyer and dropped close to four thousand dollars CAD and off we go. 

This is actually very good news. It means that the difficult amount of support that I had to raise only has to be for the next year, 2022. We are in desperate need as we cannot work up here at the moment. Once LaBeth and I gain our Permanent Residency status we can both earn money from secular work and our need for financial support will be cut in half, maybe more depending on what she can earn. We will still need money for the mission work itself and once 2022 comes to an end we can revamp the budget and see where we are. 

The long term goal for the mission work with the Riverview church of Christ is to build a building. We are currently at capacity even disregarding COVID restrictions. I have done allot of leg work and a 5,600 square foot building can be built on the property already owned by the church for around 775,000 USD. Currently, the congregation up here is paying for my rent and utilities. The plan is to build a building that will accommodate an approximate 120 member congregation with classes and a fellowship hall having an apartment in it acting as a parsonage. The plan is for us, the Brewers, to move into the apartment. That way the funds used for our rent and utilities will be going to paying off a mortgage for the church building instead of the mortgage of our landlord. 

We really need your help in the next twelve months. This amazing goal can be achieved but not without much prayer and financial support from good brethren blessed with this world’s good. 

As you go into 2022 and you consider good works to help with, please, consider helping with ours. I would love to schedule a zoom meeting or even a phone call with your eldership or mission work committee. I would love to tell as many people as I can about the work here in the Maritimes. 

Keep us in your prayers, brethren,. Thanks so much for everything you have already done. 

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