A Canadian Meal

Anthony and I got to get out and eat a meal while we were running some errands. The pic on this blog is a very Canadian meal from a very Canadian restaurant. Swiss Chalet specializes in rotisserie chicken and ribs with comfort good sides. Today Anthony ate an old fashioned crispy chicken sandwich. I had rotisserie chicken and poutine. Poutine is an awesome dish that is essentially brown gravy and cheese curds over fries. You can vet poutine anywhere up here, even at national fast food restaurants such as McDonalds.

Evidently Canadians love their rotisserie chicken because there is either a Swiss Chalet or a St. Hubert in every town. I am sure that those two restaurants, which are very similar, are to Canada as something like Cracker Barrel or Bob Evans is to the USA.

At any rate, Anthony and I had a good day and got some stuff done. This morning before we got out, I had a video conference with a Bible study prospect. The prospect Stephane and I met with lives about an hour away and is very interested in learning more. He originally found Stephane’s videos on Rumble. This lets me know that allot of our evangelistic outreach will be through online content. Please pray for this contact and pray that we can produce content up here and reach folk who will want to know more. The man we met with is scheduled to start in-person Bible study with Stephane and I a week from today. We will be using Paul Sain’s book “Someone Died and Left You a Fortune.”

Anyway, that’s is all I have for now. I hope this blog finds you well.



2 thoughts on “A Canadian Meal”

  1. Hi Bro Tony
    I’m glad you liked your rotisserie chicken. I know it is a far cry from the southern fried chicken😂. Will keep checking your blog & I look forward to hearing, seeing & keeping in touch with the mission work.
    In Christian love

    • Thanks so much. Sure enough, rotisserie doesn’t hit quite the same as good fried chicken to a boy who grew up in the south lol

      I am glad you are following the work. I can not thank you enough for your support and prayers.

      God bless


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