Another Month Gone in 2022

The one word that would describe February in the Maritimes this year is, SNOW!.  Talking about a period of adjustment, this was surely an adjustment and something for which no amount of knowledge could prepare us. I do have to say, it was fun. It is amazing to me how that much snow does not shut down the city. It goes to show that preparedness is the key to success. Three or four feet of snow is just another day at the office for the workers of the city who tirelessly keep roads and sidewalks clear. 

Anyway, enough of that. The church is doing well up here and the work is going well. I do have somewhat of a sad thing to report. The fellow that Stephane and I was meeting with weekly has started being sporadic in his contact. We have not been able to meet with him for a few weeks now. Sometimes that happens. When folk who are steeped in the denominational world they learn enough to come to a crossroad. Sadly, I am thinking this man came to that crossroad and took the wrong path. Please keep our evangelism efforts in your prayers.

On a much more positive note, the members here have a mind to work. We have had several visitors over the last weeks. These are contacts we now have in order to reach out and try and get formal Bible studies. We also have bi-weekly men’s and lady’s classes. The people look for ways to spend time with one another. 

We still need support. If you know of anyone who would be interested in this work please remember us to them. I am happy to report that a friend of mine in the states said he is mailing a stack of Paul Sain’s book, Someone Died and Left You a Fortune. I love this book and it is a great tool for evangelism. Over the last couple of years I have baptized about ten souls using that little book. 

I can not thank those who are supporting us enough. This work is needful and worthy of support. Labeth and I are still in the process of getting our Permanent Residence so we can legally work here. Once this happens allot of stress because of finances will be lifted. Please keep this in your prayers as well. 

Even with the weather as it was, February was a good month for the work here. The members are growing in leaps and bounds spiritually. It won’t be long before the church is growing in leaps and bounds physically. God bless you for your help in this work,.

God bless,

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  1. Blessed knowing that you are selflessly doing the will of God in the Maritimes. I understand that there are many obstacles but God will always prevail.
    In Christian Love
    Yonette & Barbara


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