January Update

January is turning out to be a pretty good month despite some setbacks. Right now we have the weather and the government working against us. The weather has turned and we have had two pretty big storms. Right now there is about two feet of snow on the ground. The snow banks are upwards of 20 feet in some places. Right now the snow is still new enough to us that it inspires a sense of awe. I imagine that by March the new will wear off and another emotion will be inspired by it. The snow and the cold we can handle, but the government is another story. New Brunswick has been locked down again in the face of rising cases of the Omicron variant of COVID. 

This lockdown has thrown a wrench in our immediate plans. It has not stopped the work, however. Stephane and I still have a regular Bible study with a man who found us through our online work and I have a Bible study ongoing with a man who used to be a member of the church here at Riverview but has fallen away. Both of these will be ongoing despite the weather and lockdown. 

The lockdown has also interfered with our meeting as the church. We decided that we wanted to show the members here that we could disallow the government having full control of the church while also not slapping the emperor so to speak. The provincial lockdown is for two weeks. The Premier of the province of New Brunswick has promised this will be only for two weeks. Since we want to be as harmless as doves but as wise as serpents we decided to worship in our homes while in this lockdown. During that time we will be providing Bible lessons and sermons at the times we would have been meeting in a private group for our members on Facebook. If the government goes back on its word we will be meeting in undisclosed locations not at the building. I can not stress enough the need for your prayers in this matter. The political climate up here is a far cry different than back home in the states. 

I can not express how much the support you are sending to the Riverview church of Christ on my behalf means to me and to the people up here. For years these people were cut off from the rest of Christianity not knowing about the vast network of believers in the USA and all over the world. So the support you send is worth more than the monetary amount. 

We still do not have the necessary amount of support to live up here while we are working toward our Permanent  Residency. That being said, God has always provided. We came out of December going into January with hardly any money at all. It seemed God had different plans as we got a few one time donations from different people and congregations. It still blows my mind how God provides for His people through His people. Again, my words are not adequate and all I can think to say is, thank you. 

Please keep us in your prayers as we finish our January. Pray for support for the work, the Bible studies, and spiritual growth in the congregation. 

God bless, 

Tony Brewer 

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